Office Pod

Office Pod

In early September 2013, the international business media reported that University of Sydney researchers had found widespread disatisfaction with "cubicle culture". Open plan offices were originally intended to foster collaboration, but the study of over 40,000 workers found that complaints were rampant and most claims of improvements in productivity and worker satisfaction were not supported by any evidence.

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Having extensive prior experience with modular building techniques (and needing a shop floor office for our lead project manager....) Vector Praxis immediately got to work, designing and building the first "Office Pod" over a 4-week period. 

The result is a 96 square foot, “anti-open-plan-office” concept module, designed to be deployed in indoor “pod towns”. Within a pod town, each staffer (and an assistant?!) would occupy a private module selected from the product line. The modules in a town could all be similar or different, like a main street. Picture a rag-tag steam punk hamlet, or a collection of Swiss cottages, or a flock of Dimaxion trailers. Or all of the above mashed up……joined by bridges…sitting on poles with ladders…..spinning slowly….you get the idea.

The version shown has HEPA-filtered air, 12,000 BTU AC, 3” of rockwool in all the walls, a metallic-powder-stained fibre-cement board outer covering, LED lighting all sitting on a steel palette equipped with legs that provide a view and casters so you can go places.

And it has all the plant services in it, the server, phone system, intercom etc. Because it is mobile within a workplace, and relocatable between locations, a Pod Town workplace preserves the value of inestments made in both IT infrastructure and FF&E. 

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