The Scalable Multi-Site Precision
Modular Construction System

About Vectorbloc

The VectorBloc modular construction system is based on a cast steel connector, analogous to the ISO corners developed in the 50’s by Malcolm McLean for building ocean freight containers. However, unlike the single-purpose ISO corner, VectorBloc has multiple features which make it ideal for the fabrication of offsite-completed modules which stack and bolt together to create fully-braced buildings of almost any conceivable shape.

Following its Q2 2014 introduction to a select group, the VectorBloc system has been endorsed by leaders in the modular and steel fabrication industries. Applications have been found in multi-story housing, data centers and a variety of industries.

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The VectorBloc Standardized Modular Building System actually consists of 7 interrelated groups of products and services:


A family of cast-steel connectors that facilitate the efficient design and assembly of volumetric and panelized modular buildings


An adjustable precision fixture which makes it quick and easy to produce accurate module frames


A quick-disconnect connector and halo which takes the time and guesswork out of level hoisting


A system for simple, accurate in-process surveying of modular building assembly, incorporating fall-prevention barriers


A façade sealing system featuring an extendable gasket that is activated from within the building

Modular Design

Modular design and conversion services

Factory Design

factory setup, fabrication and fabrication management service

Coming Soon: VectorCor

A plate-clad, concrete-filled integral shearwall system providing exceptional resistance to drift

Coming Soon: VectorLignum

A wood-steel-wood volumetric modular connector fully compatible with Vectorbloc and used for building wood-based modular buildings



Q1 2015
VectorBloc was exhibited at the World of Modular convention in Las Vegas and garnered attention from delegates from around the world.
Q2 2015
JMC Steel Group, the largest producer of tubular goods in the Americas came on board as an investor and technical advisor (see press release).
Q4 2015
Our module chassis plant in Harrow Ontario came on line together with high-production shell-molding tooling and machining fixtures with a capacity of 3,800 VectorBlocs / month, enough to build ~250,000 sf / 25,000 sqm of modules. VectorBloc's chassis plant is the first facility in the world to convert steel coil in to modular buildings under one roof. Chassis can be shipped flat packed or fully assembled.
Q4 2015
VectorJig precision module assembly fixtures are available to VectorBloc licensees allowing customers to manufacture module chassis in their plants. The VectoRig halo and VectorSight safety line and surveying system will be on the market in Q1 2016.
Q4 2015
Completed a 4-story / 8 module test stack in the yard of the Atlas Tube Harrow plant. See link to presentation at right.
Q3 2016
Production of modules for a workforce housing project were completed in the plant of our first licensee Connexio, located in Windsor, Ontario, North America's manufacturing heartland.
Q3 2016
Design work ongoing on a variety of projects slated for 2017 execution, including student housing, hotels, multi-story data center substations, DC UPS buildings, DC cooling systems
Q4 2016
The first fully permitted and occupied VectorBloc building erected in Wapakoneta, Ohio in one shift with 4 workers, (see video) while a second project nears completion
Q4 2016
Chassis production capacity in Harrow is increased by 3X with the addition of two additional VectorJigs equipped with centralized clamping
Q4 2016
Second VectorBloc building completed in Leamington, Ontario includes an office component



November 27, 2015

The first full-scale VectorBloc building was completed on November 27, 2015. Following completion of the foundation and installation of floor board in the modules, the "test stack" consisting of 8 modules was assembled in just 4 hours.

VectorJig nearing completion, 1st plant online October 2015

August 26, 2015

The 1st VectorJig precision module assembly fixture will be installed and operational in October 2015. This new company, called VectorBloc Fabricator is located in Harrow, Ontario and will be the first facility anywhere to convert steel coil in to modular buildings under one roof.


Vectorbloc Production Starts

August 25, 2015

In August of 2015 our high-volume tooling came online providing VectorBloc with a capacity of 3,800 units / month, enough to build approximately 250,000 square feet of modules.

Casting the first VectorBloc

March 2, 2015

On the coldest day of the year we were lucky to spend the day in a foundry witnessing the casting of the first Vectorblocs. The 3D-printed investments used in the prototype process delivered castings that held remarkably tight tolerances

Vectorbloc scalability explained

March 2, 2015

A fundamental property of the Vectorbloc system is its scalability, making it the only modular construction system offering consistent details and economy at a wide range of building scales, from low rise to high-rise.

Vectorbloc launched!

July 2, 2014

Vectorbloc, the tall, modular construction system that Vector Praxis has been developing, is now available.


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