Imagine unambiguous drawings that drive efficient production, based on LASER scans that capture as-built conditions with an accuracy of 2mm in 100m (1/8″ in 300 feet).

This is the dependable reality we deliver with every project.

Now picture your feet up on your desk while we take care of the toughest part of your project. At Vector Praxis we deliver the combination of technology, process and experience that takes the risk out of complex, high-end work. And if you want, we will show you how to improve your operations by fully integrating digital processes.

Vector Praxis Services

1. End-to-End Project Delivery: Experience-based design development, multi-material fabrication and installation. Areas of focus include modular and off-site fabrication, lobby features, public art, feature stairs, screens, canopies, FF&E, etc.

2. Consulting: Project planning, fabrication process design, fabrication management and quality control services to owners, fabricators and general contractors. Areas of specialty include structural and AESS steel and integration of composites

3. Information: The Vector Praxis blog provides entertaining and informative articles of interest to AEC professionals who believe that improved completeness of computer models (BIM’s) is the route to improved productivity in the construction industry.

About 3D LASER scanning

Having successfully used 3D Laser scanning on several projects, Vector Praxis is uniquely qualified to deploy this technology for generating accurate 3D models of as-built conditions. Once a 3D model is complete, the task of drawing the work to be installed is simplified and installation is much less likely to require unanticipated site cutting or modification.

About "Fabrication Process Design"

While BIM and parametric modeling techniques are increasingly well-known within the AEC world, the application of these technologies is still imperfect where the rubbber hits the road; On the plant floor, on jobsites and in coordination meetings.As well as delivering optimized details to the design team -thus reducing the cost and duration of fabrication and construction- Vector Praxis builds bridges to the shop floor by providing practical, experience-based direction to skilled tradespersons. The BIM / IPD loop is closed with the design of piecemarking systems, jigs and fixtures which preserve BIM-generated data and geometry, together with erection plans and rigging systems which fully leverage the data residing in the model.

Design software and process planning

Vector Praxis is a VAR for Dassault Systèmes, producers of the world’s best and most complete range of 3D design and engineering software. Brands: CATIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, ENOVIA etc. We also offer design department setup, training and mentorship.

The rationale for advanced BIM

Tech-savvy building professionals now agree that BIM-driven construction requires a common computer model at the centre of an integrated design and construction process. When the push for BIM-driven savings is combined with a requirement for originality, it causes stress for A&D principals and BIM detailers who are expected to “get it right” in the shared model, instead of at the site.

Ideally, the shared model is the sole point of input, output and coordination for all consultants and trades. However, for the model to be useful, it must be an accurate description of the final product. Today’s demanding environment expects that the steel and glass “fit in the model”, together with the budget and schedule.

At Vector Praxis, we believe that closing the “means and methods knowledge gap” and chosing the right software is the only way to create models that are accurate enough to deliver the reduced risk that BIM is intended to provide. For this reason Vector Praxis offers services from process setup and design assist right through to fabrication and installation management, helping ensure that design intent is consistently realized and pre-construction estimates and final costs are correlated.