What clients are saying about Vector Praxis

"Julian and I spent considerable time working out design details over the phone. I had no difficulty conveying physical details to him and completely understood what Julian was trying to get across to me. If the reader has been in a similar situation, he is well aware that this can be an extremely difficult process……

(The Labatt’s’ spectacular project) performed flawlessly for its planned four-year life. ….we completed two other major projects for Julian with similar results. Julian is very easy to get along with but at the same time pulls no punches….. I believe this man to be nothing short of brilliant.

Randy McDermott

SolidWorks Designer, PR Engineering

"Over the long course of an Architect’s career we are occasionally called upon to direct the design and construction of elements of building that frankly, we might not be that familiar with. Fortunately, these are often specialized areas of design that appeal to a certain kind of creative mind. Q2, had the good fortune to “bump into” one such individual, Mr. Julian Bowron.

We had almost completed a major and rather spectacular expansion and retrofit of the Grantly Adams International Airport International Airport in Barbados which makes extensive use of huge tension membrane roof structures employing vast sheets of teflon-coated fiberglass-reinforced roof in a serious hurricane zone.

Taught at an early point in our schooling never to try and fight “Mother Nature” we employed a technique that allowed the structure to flex and move and shed water simply by letting it follow it’s natural course, over the edge and well away from the buildings underneath, or so we thought.

Once the extraordinary volumes (of rainwater) involved were experienced first-hand, it became apparent that the advice of a creative mind like that of Julian Bowron with a facility for design, testing on site, real fabrication and field installation was in order. His solutions were practical, cost effective, completely unique and yet complementary to the design intent throughout.

One success follows another, so, when we were asked by this same client, to create appropriate themed (and very large) artwork to be displayed in the central covered courtyard we again turned to Julian for a creative, collaborative effort of design, build and install.

Where does an architect turn to when his client wants a school of eight-foot long flying fish to be built and suspended by almost invisible means under a 100 ft high tent like roof structure? Well…to Julian of course. With Julian everything, absolutely everything, is possible and the process can be fun as well.

Peter Pascaris

Architect, OAA, MRAIC, Director Queen’s Quay Architects International Inc.

I worked with Julian on a dozen high-profile projects since 2003 and almost every job won an award. His obsession with quality and understanding of construction process are a good fit for the NYC and US market and I can recommend him to anyone needing help with a complex project.

Barry Hoffman and Kristi Roche,

Urban Office, NYC

Julian led a machine tool modernization project in Latin America. Through Julian’s efforts, Olympia successfully bought and rebuilt heavy machine tools in Cuba, as well as importing machines and technicians to support Olympia’s work in Canada. The resulting products were sold to customers in Canada and Latin America. Julian knowledge of machine tools, import / export processes and his ability in English / Spanish commercial translation were all invaluable to the business.

Peter Zagorskis

Marketing Manager, Olympia Engineering Limited

It has always been a pleasure working with (Julian). The projects we have worked on with you have often been structurally and geometrically complex. The level of detail, awareness of manufacturing and imaginative approach to solutions that you have brought to the designs has always been critical to the success of the projects. I also appreciate that you have always been fair in your commercial dealings with my firm.

Stephen Brown

Principal, Entuitive Engineering

I hired Julian to design and build broadcast sets for News Theatre and later for CBC Newsworld and BNN. Despite short deadlines, demanding technical requirements and tight budgets he came through with the right look every time.

Jack Fleischmann

Executive Producer, Business News Network

(Julian) is extremely intelligent, hard-working, and innovative. He is fair, reasonable and perceptive. It is a pleasure to work with him.

David Heller

Partner, Ridout & Maybee LLP

I can recommend him for his expansive knowledge of design and fabrication techniques (and) his remarkable attention to detail and quality.

Scott Nelson CSWP

Owner, Nelson Parametrics

Julian consistently surprised me with his insight and rapid grasp of the issues facing our firm in the commercialization of advanced robotics and his intuitive ability to “package” the technology effectively in customer-facing environments. Julian thrives on seemingly insurmountable challenges, delivering unique, efficient and robust solutions that meet or exceed diverse client needs

Matthew Gibson

President, CTO, Syngrafii Corporation

Julian and I…collaborated on a variety of commercial projects. His ability to see the big picture makes him a breeze to work with and is key to his ongoing success. He leads projects with a clear and determined vision.

Chris Parsons

Owner, Chris Parsons Design

I worked with Julian on the implementation of prefabricated washroom units (for) the BOW….. I found Julian to be a dynamic team leader with exceptional knowledge of building materials, process assembly and building information modeling

David Jefferies, BES, Arch, OAA

Principal, Zeidler Partnership Architects, (Now Associate with NORR)

Julian was always…focused on the end result, collaborating and ensuring the designers vision came to reality……his thorough technical expertise and his ability to troubleshoot and ensure delivery of a completely functional solution was always consistent…..available, suggesting alternatives…..value engineering sensitive to managing a client’s budget and often exceeding designer’s expectations

Greg Parsons

Senior Interior Designer, Stantec Architecture

….never met anyone as intelligent or as adept at solving technical problems…. always utilizing the conceptual underpinnings of the original design as reference ……I can think of no better partner than Julian Bowron

Brad Golden

Owner, Brad Golden + Co Art Consultant